‘The Sea Beast’ Review: Chris Williams’ Ocean Adventure Might be Changing the Tides for Netflix Animation

“Live a great life and die a great death,” goes the mantra of the monster hunters in Netflix’s new animated movie “The Sea Beast.” 

The Sea Beast, from Chris Williams, director of Disney’s Bolt, Big Hero 6, and Moana

Williams, who also co-wrote The Sea Beast with Nell Benjamin, certainly brings some of his Disney flair to this latest venture.  

Karl Urban voices Jacob Holland, a swashbuckling hero who is outcast by his pirate crew after befriending an orphan girl named Maisie, voiced by newcomer Zaris-Angel Hator. 

But especially compared to the other animated Netflix Original films, The Sea Beast has more of that magic that made Williams’ films for Disney so wonderful, even if it never quite gets to the quality of his previous work. 

The Sea Beast boast some of the film’s most beautiful animation, the character and monster design leaves much to be desired 

Urban, Harris, and Hator are doing fantastic work with these characters, but the designs already look like they’re from an age of computer animation long past.  

The Sea Beast doesn’t necessarily mark a complete shift in quality for Netflix Animation, but it certainly seems like a step in the right direction for the company’s animated projects.

“The Sea Beast” is capably animated. Its backgrounds and underwater shots are particularly stunning, though the characters’ facial expressions rarely live up to the enthusiastic voice acting.