The Black Phone Movie Review – One of Blumhouse’s best productions

Based on Joe Hill’s short story of the same name, The Black Phone is a dark and disturbing tale that takes place in a small Colorado town in 1978. 

This isn’t the first movie to focus on the plight of abducted youngsters but as it mixes in supernatural themes within its chilling story, it offers a new twist on films you may have seen before 

Hawkes is suitably sinister as the child-snatching serial killer and he manages to chill the bones every time he is seen on screen.

He is brilliant in the role and if there is any justice in the world, he should go on to have as big an acting career as Hawke, who made an early impression as a child actor himself back in the 1980s. 

‘The Black Phone’ review: Ethan Hawke rips and roars through this horror gem

"The Black Phone" is a smart, feverish horror film that will particularly appeal to teenagers. 

The Black Phone finished in the #4 spot on the domestic box office charts for the weekend, scaring up an impressive $23.4 million domestically and $35.8 million worldwide thus far!

The Black Phone is an original horror movie regardless, scaring up strong numbers despite not being connected to a known property. And that’s always a beautiful thing to see. 

Derrickson and Hawke proving once again to be a winning combination here in the horror world. 

The Black Phone‘s $23 million opening is one of the strongest starts for a non-franchise horror movie in the last couple years