The Batman Movie Review 2022: Know the Top 10 best and worst things in Batman

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Robert Pattinson’s much-awaited latest flick The Batman is released this Friday, directed by Matt Reeves this action thriller film is praised by critics and fans, called ‘Best Batman movie ever’ with more intense action and dark theme-based, After Dark Knight, this is first Batman solo movie who portrays the superhero character which matches the level of performance in latter batman’s movie. To save Gotham city from the Riddler this batman does his job perfectly. The main villain of Batman the Riddler takes Bruce Wayne on a twisted journey of introspection and discovery of corrupt city officials in Gotham.

Selina Kyle’s (Catwoman) surprising element change Batman’s world, he’s forced to realize the pain disappear victims.

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Top 10 best and worst things in Batman

  1. Best: Combat Action, In latest Batman movie director Matt Reeves create extraordinary and thrilling combat experience which is pleasure to watch
  2. Worst: Batman’s gadget and armor, We have seen in earlier Batman movie that armor tech is most sophisticated and fancy to look especially Batman’s car, but in the batman movie nothing look more exciting.
  3. Best: Horror Scene – It is a first time ever Batman is more danger similarly the Riddler ready to frighten you.
  4. Best: The Penguin – Paul Dano as Riddler is most power villain after Joker and Bane in earlier Batman movie. Paul Dano successful to bring Batman down to his feet and make Batman’s life worse.
  5. Worst: Alfred’s relationship with Bruce – We have already seen in earlier Batman movie that Bruce Wayne is only guardian Alfred after Bruce father and mother died, And alfred who was guide Batman and incharge of Bruce Wayne enterprises. Alfred character is very emotional and caring nature who know the every secret of Batman.
  6. Best: Selina Kyle – Most intelligent catwoman by doing breathtaking marvellous action scene who motivated Batman to look behind the darkness of false Riddler and find the truth and gave courage to fightback.
  7. Best: Background Music – The Batman movie background music is exemplary work and one of the best BG score who matches and create hype in all action scene including whole movie.
  8. Worst: Batman’s careless attitude towards innocents – I think this may change the whole narrative of movie that Batman is a good guy who save innocents people from the evil, But this Batman is no more care about common man and do what Bruce want to do


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