About Us

Hi Folks, I am Satish 
I just thought one day to write some stuff about what I feel when I watch any movies or webs series and got an idea to create a blog for movies or TV shows lovers just like me. Then the journey of Cinemabolega begins. Cinemabolega.com’s main purpose is to write a review of TV shows or Web Series to inform the reader about the shows and their ideas. 
I just try to create content that is simple and easy to understand by my readers. On this platform, I just try to bring my opinion about some movie or series or documentary and try to be unbiased during the whole content thing. I am also very fond of the fantasy genre and love to watch fantasy-based drama, action, magical movies, or any TV shows and love to write about it
Hopefully, you like my blog! 
If anyone any suggestions or queries! Let us know!